26 January 2013

Let That Donut Be On Your Head

My little nod to The Spoony One:
In doing research for tabletop games, I came upon Noah Antwiler's episode of Counter Monkey discussing the logistics of confronting The Lady of Pain. In explaining exactly what Planescape is, how it works (or doesn't work, depending on your understanding of physics), and why one should fear the aforementioned lady, he analogized the City of Doors (Sigil) as a donut atop an asymptote overlooking a giant pizza. Well, I'd been making pizzas left and right the past few weeks (the one pictured's toppings include green olives and golden tomatoes, if you're curious), so I picked up a box of cake donuts, and started snapping. The comic panels came a bit later, as I was working on my writing project at the time, but the story was more or less always there.

The maze was a pain, but still really fun to draw, even if it completely ignores many of the basics of perspective. On the other hand, I was really, really unhappy with how my Lady of Pain turned out. There's a reason I don't draw people, even people with masks; the proportions never look right to me, and it's really hard to make a feminine face without resorting to full, pouty lips or simply drawing the face in profile. Anyway, the other character is a stick figure, so let it be known I'll always play to my strengths whenever I can, for better or for worse.
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