26 July 2013

Far From The Worst

Well, the operation last night was ultimately a success. Pressure was relieved in the cranium, so there’s no further damage as far as anyone can tell. My aunt is now heavily sedated and on a ventilator. The doctors won’t lower her sedative levels until at least Monday, when they’ll check her responsiveness and go from there. It’s all very “wait-and-see" while she’s hooked up and under sedation. 2-3 days of what almost amounts to a coma is quite a time, but at least it’s time spent recovering, which is what’s important. Not the best situation, but far from the worst.
Might try and paint something tonight if I feel up to it later. When I talked to her last Wednesday (before her Friday embolization), she mentioned really liking my black and red ink works, especially the one of the snowy forest with the mysterious blood spatter (she said she found it strangely comforting, even peaceful, which we had a good laugh about). She even bought prints of two of my earlier works a few years ago, which I was really flattered by. That style happens to be my sort of “comfort zone" when it comes to my art, and I had an idea for something while I was at work. Even though she can’t see it right now, I’ll post it on her Facebook timeline when it’s done.

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