07 July 2013

I Made A (Butchered) Thing

Tried something a bit different with this one, and paid for it. Instead of gluing the graph paper to the card and cutting the notches and holes in that, I got the idea to put the notches on the end of the card without using the grid, giving the impression of an old key. Unfortunately, even with the aid of a ruler, the cuts were not very straight and made all the more obvious without the graph paper. I ended up ripping off the end in frustration, then stewed for a moment before resolving to finish what I started and simply make two cards in one night, writing this one off as apocrypha. The thumbprint, which was there from the start, turned out to be a very silly idea, at least in terms of execution. Years ago, on MTV's Cribs, Kathy Griffin showed off her bathroom, which used a lot of earthtones in its color scheme, including these textured diamonds of dark brown against tan along her walls. She commented that at first it seemed a neat idea, only to realize dark browns plus messy textures (coupled with being a bathroom) gave the almost unavoidable impression of, in her own words, "sponged-on poo." 

The print being a thumb doesn't help things much. 

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