05 August 2013

Apocrypha Card

This was a practice run for something else I had in mind, a tree stump covered in red moss, not unlike my favorite scene in Akira Kurosawa's Rhapsody in August (which I've only now realized is surprisingly apt). I was worried about the inks bleeding, so I didn't want to use one of my typical ATCs. These are smaller (by about a quarter of an inch) and made by the same company that made the tags I used for the Punch Card series. 
They're an absolute pain to work with. 
They're very thin, and have a very rigid quasi-canvas/linen texture that might almost yield interesting results save for the fact that it creates hideous moire patterns when scanned. A little tweaking of the brightness and contrast helped reduce the effect significantly, though it's easy to tell there were issues. If this were done the same way as one of my silhouette pieces (where I do the colors in post), I could have simply removed color and filled in the moss with a digital brush. However, this wasn't that kind of piece, though I will most certainly revisit this, not just as a card, but also another silhouette. 

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