28 August 2013

This Is What It's All About

The creator of Adblock has launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy up as much ad space as possible (including Times Square, the New York Times, and The Superbowl) to promote Adblock in the hopes of creating “an internet without ads.” I’m not going to link to it because they don’t deserve that attention. Gene Lee, however, believes in this cause to the point of appearing in the campaign video and hosting it on his own YouTube channel. He disabled comments and ratings, instead “moving the discussion” onto another video on his channel (which has since been deleted). 
Obliviousemi is the artist for Jaltoid, an animation team on YouTube I recently subscribed to. The couple earns ad revenue through the partnership program, making it a notable source of income for them. They are successful because of their talents and skills. 
Gene Lee apparently hates that, and has taken the “I’ll take my bat and ball and go home.” approach to getting his way by insisting that content creators go along with this campaign and find other ways to support themselves. The thing is, he doesn’t have a bat and ball. He probably didn’t even swing, let alone get struck out and find himself sore about the whole affair. 
I asked him about this retort on the “discussion” tab of his channel, asking him why he felt like his misfortune (if he ever tried) gave him the right to dictate policy to others who have succeeded where he may well have never even tried? My comment was hidden. Maybe he found my calling him a bully for it too insulting. 
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