29 August 2013

How Dare You Succeed!

This sort of comment has been coming up a lot in the discussions around asking people not to use adblock on sites they frequent or on content they enjoy (and should therefore be supporting). What gets me about it is that these people are essentially either fully self-employed, or are supplementing their existing income (which, last I looked, wasn't a crime), and here they're being told to stop that and begin searching for a completely different job they may or may not find given the unemployment rates and general state of the job market. Why do you want more people lining up in front of you in the welfare office? Shouldn't you focus on getting yourself that career you've been wanting?

Granted, whatever facet of the entertainment industry you choose to be a part of carries the risk of having essentially no job security, but isn't the greatest risk sometimes never taking one? Still, the question remains: Why does enjoying your job make it unreal? 

I mean, they say if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Maybe the people who make that remark about getting "real" jobs take that expression literally. It's terrifying to think what kind of messed up upbringing they had to make them think the only real jobs are the ones you hate. 

I tried to make this an animated gif, but it looked terrible.
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