07 September 2013

Septuple Bypass: A Local Food Odyssey

I won. 

That is the 7X7 burger from Steak ‘n’ Shake, and it’s exactly what it looks and sounds like. They only serve it from midnight to six in the morning, overlapping slightly with their breakfast menu. I slept away most of the afternoon so I could manage staying up to go and have this. It felt like forever, but according to the timestamps for when I posted to Facebook, it took about twenty minutes. 

Never again, though. It’s not unpleasant and I don’t even feel all that full (the fries came home in a box, which I think helped), but it’s not the best thing on the menu by a longshot. I’m chalking this up to being one of those “bucket list” events: eating an absurdly-sized burger. Yeah, there’s bigger out there, but I’m satisfied with this victory. 

It was our waitress’ second night, and she was a bit overwhelmed, so she got a big tip, both cash on the table and that tips line on the receipt. It worked out to 38%. She earned it. 
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