25 May 2014

Chicken and Waffles

I've been waffling on repeating/paraphrasing a statement here that I've made elsewhere, but in light of a few previous entries regarding my state of mind, I feel like at least a little housekeeping is in order. So, here's a lovely little bulleted list in which I break my cardinal rule about my weblogs and speak of things I intend to do. Fair warning, I'm mixing the heavy stuff with the light-hearted stuff, so apologies in advance for any dissonance. 

  • My mental state of late has not been well. It hasn't been well for some time. I had a wake-up call, and I'm now getting the help I need. I am being treated for depression. I'm not suicidal, I'm not violent, and I'm not so emotionally drained that I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning. I'm just sad and tired. That's not trying to diminish the problem, mine or anyone else's, only to alleviate anyone's fears. I am fine. 
  • Art has been my coping mechanism for a number of years, and my motivation and output has diminished. This was part of my wake-up call. I still fully intend to make as much art as I possibly can, hence my most recent pieces. It's simply difficult as I get my priorities in order. Expect a drop in quality is all I'm saying (not that it was ever terribly high). 
  • I'm going to start making my own iced coffee. I've got a grinder and some nice roast of a rather geeky variety on the way, so I'll be posting some tutorials and experiments in the near future. The only coffee I've made myself has been of the crystalline variety, and that's simply been terrible, absolutely terrible. 
  • I've been absolutely hooked on Strikers 1945, a classic SHMUP from Psykio. I absolutely adore games of this genre, and this one is practically perfect. 
  • Also, Soldier Blade is a classic. The weapons and power-ups system is pure genius. 
  • May has been a very busy month for going to the movies. 
  • Pinterest is awesome. 
  • I was hoping to take advantage of an upgrade offer to get a new phone that would get me out of my contract early, but unfortunately it requires trading in my old phone, which would only credit me four dollars (to go towards my ETF for my other carrier). Looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer on that one. 
Good night, and good luck. 
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