07 October 2013

So, This Is Funny For What May Be the Worst Possible Reason

It’s been a stressful few days for me, as I've written, and today wasn't helped all that much. In all, it’s nothing serious, simply needed a little quiet time and was managing not to get it in almost every way. Felt a little overwhelmed, so I went outside. 

There’s this pavilion outside my apartment. It’s meant for barbecues and whatnot. I go up there sometimes when I’m on a call because I get really rotten cell coverage inside. The pavilion supposedly has “hours,” namely between morning and dusk, but it’s not enforced all that well. At least, it typically isn't. 

After about five, ten minutes of sitting up there at a table, a few cars pull into the spaces next to the pavilion. I’m not looking; my mind’s elsewhere. Then, I hear a voice, “Excuse me, sir.” I look up and there’s three cops standing next to me. It turns out they got a call about a “suspicious person” and saw me as they pulled in. They asked if I lived here and if I was okay (“Rough night?” that sort of thing), then asked for my ID, assuring me I wasn't in trouble, only responding to a call. 

"It’s the hoodie, isn't it?" 

They all laughed. 
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