31 October 2009

NAZCA (NIN version)

NAZCA (NIN version)
OR: Nazcawhattheqatsi: Life as Funny Little Lines

Just something I threw together very quickly using (mostly) free elements. This came out of a conversation with my Dad wherein I mentioned the Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi, which he said he'd never heard of. I was very surprised by this, so I decided to make a little rough approximation of one of my favorite sequences. I have to apologize though for the logo after the last image; I was using the LE version of this program because I was trying to work within its limitations as a challenge to myself, and forgot about the "branding" until I'd finished rendering.

The music is not by me (though I wish it had been), but by rock/metal group Nine Inch Nails, whose latest release "Ghosts" is available with a Creative Commons license, encouraging their fans to produce videos featuring its music. While I'm not a big fan of NIN, and even less of a fan of the Creative Commons (Copyleft is a good enough compromise between Copyright and Public Domain as is), but if a bunch of haughty headbangers want to play pick-and-mix with their creators' rights, I can't really hold it against them given Trent Reznor's justified lack of faith in the contingencies of "the public domain" or approximations thereof.

It's possible I'll revisit this, and it will have an original score instead of an existing one.