19 January 2014

Singularity-minded (Venusian Radio)

Venusian Radio: The FPS Episode

Originally, this was going to be an off-the-cuff and unscripted little exercise while working the bugs out of a new audio setup, but I thought better of it. You guys deserve more than that. 

Download the MP3 (Dropbox)

The Spoony One's review of Bioshock: Infinite

Giant Bomb's mini-wiki page on Audio Logs

My YouTube video about Audio Logs

Have I mentioned I like the game Singularity

10 January 2014

Betting On A Dark Horse (Venusian Radio)

The Star Wars Episode -- Way back when I first tried audiologs, I talked about the Star Wars films being released on Blu-Ray and the fan reaction to the new host of changes made to the source material, especially Vader's infamous "No!" shout being inserted into Return of the Jedi. While I might have been able to live with that (I've still got my DVDs), Disney's recent decisions regarding the franchise is going to affect the livelihoods of hard-working people in a rather cutthroat industry: Comic Books. 

09 January 2014

Chipmunks Filled Cheeks (Venusian Radio Pilot & Filler episodes)

It's rather funny that hosting video on the web is fairly easy thanks to services like YouTube or Vimeo, but hosting audio (podcasts) is a little less user-friendly. If I make a video, I can use the embed codes on YouTube to post it here for people to see. If I want to host an audio file, there aren't many embedded players that can compete. 
When I started producing my audiologs again, I'd considered using SoundCloud. Unfortunately, they cap basic users at 2 hours of total content, and I simply can't afford more space. Before, I was posting my audio files to Tumblr, but that player can't be embedded elsewhere, only linked. It's simply not convenient. I'll still likely use SoundCloud, but only for certain projects, while I'll try something a little more conventional for Venusian Radio

Pilot Episode: Chipmunks 1987 vs. 2007 -- Originally, my first episode was going to be about Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, but I wanted to warm up first, test the waters with my new recording setup, so I went for an easier target. 

The Filler Episode -- Still haven't worked out the bugs in my hardware, so after finishing a script for a future episode, I gave myself a challenge. It may be breaking a rule I made on my DeviantART journal of devoting myself to fewer-but-larger projects with no filler or cop-outs, but it's no reason I can't produce content simply because the results aren't quite yet up to my standards. 

I'm not sure how well linking to the MP3 files directly works. It always seems to work best on other sites, while in my experience it's always such a hassle, with people saying the links don't work or they get asked for login information. We'll see how well this works out.