20 September 2014

Evernote publishing test


17 September 2014

Well, That's Embarrassing

I only found out today that my policy of one post a month (whether I've got anything or not) hasn't gone so hot, as I've managed to give August a complete and total miss.
In my defense, it's not for lack of trying. The Blogger mobile app is in serious need of fine tuning, the kind it's not likely to get given Google's focus on Plus. I tried to post links to a journal I'd been keeping on Evernote. The post could not be published because of some issue with the attached photos. I meant to try again on my laptop, but simply forgot about it.
Still, it's not right that I neglected this page. Fortunately, I've got a game review in the works, as well as a short story I may post here depending on how I decide to distribute it.
So, terribly sorry for the dull "status update" sort of post, but it's only because I've been genuinely busy with my other sites. This negligence will be rightfully rectified.

More Robust Update Soon. In the Meantime:

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