30 April 2014

Mission Statement: Preamble

Back in late December, I started thinking about New Year's Resolutions, as last year's attempt went far better than I thought it would, given I swore off the practice nearly 20 years ago. This year, however, I need to take it more seriously, as more grave matters are concerned. I don't want to disclose full details, as it's extremely personal, except it's an extremely difficult decision I've been struggling with since at least the start of last year. In short, someone who has been a part of my life the past several years, who helped me through a very difficult phase of my life, and that I've tried to be as patient with as I possibly can be for anyone, I have asked to leave. 
I had told them this earlier in the year, and set plans for the change in the subsequent months. Today, however, after a quiet period, we ended up having a talk about it again, and it was almost as if it were the first time it was brought up. Admittedly, very little progress has been made as far as the plans for moving go, which can be attributed to a number of factors. As I've said, I've tried to be patient about this, but it has taken its toll on me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
In terms of what's brought all this on, I've tried to work that out for some time, amid a lot of doubts, feelings of guilt, soul searching, second guessing, and maybe even a little denial. What it boils down to is two simple facts that I cannot put any other way:

Changes need to be made. 
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