02 November 2011

My Letter to Rep. Pete DeGraaf

In regards to this article, I visited the website for Kansas Representative Pete DeGraaf and took advantage of the "contact" option to send this message:

Dear so-called "sir": 
Regarding this article: http://jezebel.com/5804867/legislator-says-women-should-plan-for-post+rape-abortion-since-i-have-a-spare-tire
You have got to be the most ignorant, insensitive, and borderline-brain-damaged politician I've ever had the misfortune of reading about.
What kind of moral fiber considers an abortion a worse offense than the rape that led to it, such that women must plan for such a contingency? If men were the ones who carried the child instead of the women, how would you feel about that policy you voiced your support for?
For the record, I am not a resident of Kansas House District 81, and knowing that "things" like you can even exist in my lifetime makes me appreciative that I don't live within so much as the same zip code as you or anyone out in that state that might support you.
You are a born loser and you deserve nothing good in life, ever. I feel sorry for everyone that has even so much as heard your name.
Get stuffed, you cornholing buzzard. 
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